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Mother and Son


Wonderful family of 5 looking for a nurturing, trustworthy and kind, experienced superstar nanny, who is easy-going with a can-do attitude. Previous nanny has been with them for 3 years and is leaving for pastures new. The family are based in East Sheen and mum is a lawyer partly working from a home office and partly from an external office. Dad works in the city in finance and travels frequently for work. The nanny will have sole charge of B10-months old and then wrap-around care for G5 and B3.

Duties to include:
- Sole charge of B10 months, nurturing his development and taking him to any baby classes, feeding etc.
- Help getting the older kids ready in the morning and some days doing school and nursery drop offs (round the corner from each other in Putney), as mum will do drop offs when working from home.
- School & nursery pick ups and any after-school playdates and activities.
- Very light housekeeping, so if you see the dishwasher needs emptying or the floor needs a hoover then you are happy to muck in with a can-do attitude.
- Preparing dinner for the children and lunch during school holidays if needed.
- A driver is essential but the school run is short and very straightforward. Can use the family car.

Hours: Monday to Friday: 7.45am - 6pm: Approx 51 hours per week.

Start Date: 8th April 2024
Salary: Circa £45-50,000 gross annual DOE

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Young British family of 4, living in Knightsbridge, are looking for a wonderful live-in Nanny/Housekeeper, to join their family and help care for B5 and G18-months old. It would be an added bonus if the nanny could speak to the children in French to teach them the language, but not a prerequisite.
Mum is at home and very hands on and dad works partly in the office and partly from home.
The previous Nanny was a real part of the family but had to leave for medical reasons, so they are devastated and would love to find someone to also become a part of the family and stay for a long time.
They would also love the Nanny to be pet friendly as they have a large extended family with lots of animals!

Duties to include:
- Helping with nursery or school pick-ups
- Taking kids to Purple Dragon, any classes, activities, clubs etc.
- Cooking meals for the children and the family – they would like someone who really enjoys cooking
- Housekeeping: Tidying up the kitchen, all areas of the house, hoovering, doing laundry, whatever may need doing.
- A knowledge of cleaning special fabrics would be a bonus
- Travel with the family to their country house and other places abroad. They love to travel.

Start date: ASAP

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Accommodation: Self-contained basement flat with own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, TV etc.
Salary: Approx £650 net per week. Circa £40k gross annual.

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Wonderful solo mum living in Kensington, working in the media industry, is expecting her first baby in March. It will all be very new to her, so she is looking for a kind, experienced, loyal Nanny to be her right-hand person and help out around the house and with the baby, if she needs a rest or to pop out somewhere. She also has a sausage dog who may need walking from time to time, so a love of animals is a must too.
There is also the potential for more hours or to go full-time once she goes back to work.

Duties To Include:
- Light housekeeping
- Cooking
- On occasion run errands e.g. dry cleaning, food shopping, administrative work
- On occasion look after newborn baby whilst mother rests / showers / pops out for an hour or two

Days & Hours Required: Possibly 4 days a week - Flexible hours that can be discussed with the right candidate. Core work around 3-4 hours per day. Happy to offer more hours for the right candidate.
Salary Budget: £18-20 gross per hour / up to £20,000 annual for the right candidate
Start Date: Approx early April

Accommodation: If the candidate would like to live in, then the mother has a separate property nearby in Kensington, that the Nanny could live in. This would mean a slight negotiation on salary though.
It would be great if the Nanny can drive, though not a deal breaker.

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Young British family of 3 living in Belgravia are seeking a superstar, energetic, confident and organised but fun, live-in Housekeeper (who will become Housekeeper/Nanny as the role progresses) to complete household chores and help the other housekeeper care for their 2-year old daughter.
The parents are hands on and love spending time with their daughter as well. Mum is at home and dad works from home.
The family also have properties in Hampshire and France, so the Nanny may be asked to travel with them on family trips. They want someone who is keen to stay long term and really become part of the family.
Another prerequisite is a love of animals. In their country house they have dogs, ducks, chickens, rabbits and more. Hence also looking for someone active and outdoorsy, who doesn’t mind getting stuck in if they need to!
It would be a bonus if they had someone who has recent experience with the same age group.
They are a big and busy family and grandparents visit a few times a week to stay over.

Duties to include:
- Possible help with nursery pick-ups – she is at nursery 9am-12pm 4 days a week.
- Eventually taking her to Purple Dragon, any classes, activities, clubs etc.
- Cooking meals for her and the family – they would like someone who really enjoys cooking, as the current housekeeper does not.
- Housekeeping: Cleaning, hoovering, tidying up the kitchen, playroom, daughter’s bedroom, helping with laundry or whatever may need doing. They have another housekeeper who will be helping the most with their daughter to begin with, as she already has a relationship with her. Once a bond is built then the role may evolve more to a Nanny role.
- A knowledge of cleaning special fabrics would be a bonus, as the current Housekeeper is less sure in this area, so teaching her this would
be a plus!
- Potential travel with the family to Hampshire, France and other countries

Start date: End of Feb but flexible

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Accommodation: Self-contained basement flat with own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, TV etc.
Salary: £650-£750 net per week. Circa £45k gross annual.

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Friendly family of 4 in Fulham with B4 & G6, are looking for a superstar to replace their long-term nanny who had to leave due to personal family reasons.
They would love someone who is really active and proactive, can hit the ground running and be left to get on with things. They also really value reliability, as they both travel with work and need to know the children are in good hands. Being able to drive or enjoying cycling would be a bonus too.

Duties to include:
- Meal planning and batch cooking for the kids, to put in the freezer.
- Help with school and nursery pick ups.
- Help tidy up after the kids, but they have a cleaner, so focus is mainly on the children and cooking.

Hours: They are quite flexible with hours and happy to add a bit more, but core hours would be:
Monday & Thursday: 11:30am/12pm-6.30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 2/2.30pm-6.30pm
Friday: 11.30am/12pm-5/5.30pm

During holidays they are also flexible and the nanny can either work spread out over the week or condense her hours into a few days.

Salary: Circa £15 net per hour
Start date: ASAP or end of Jan

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